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Assembling paste
Compound J166. Rocol  

Compound J166. Rocol

Rocol Anti-Seize Compound J166
Copper-based anti-seize paste, which is a soft, greasy paste with content of metal and solid-state lubricants. Prevents components from seizing-up or rusting together, which are exposed to wet and corrosive surroundings.
Very suitable as an anti-seize on types of threaded connections. Especially those, who are exposed to harsh and wet conditions or extreme temperatures. Prevents tear when connecting.
Temperature range: -10º to +1100º C.


CRC Exhaust Mounting Paste
Mounting and sealing paste for all component in the exhaust system.
Eases joining and separation while hardening at the same time.
Apply the paste before mounting: Hardening happens automatically because of the heat from the exhaust.
CRC Graphite Pasta+Mos2  

CRC Graphite Pasta+Mos2

NSA-16. Kema  

NSA-16. Kema

Kema Never Seez NSA-16 assembly paste
Prevents units from seizing up, rust and corrosion and is also an extreme pressure lubricant for usage throughout the industry.
Composed of fine metal and graphite particles in special grease. Regular Grade protects particularly against high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment
Tolerates extreme heat - up to 1100 º C
Usage: bolts, nuts and screws, booms and round-bolts, fittings and pump shafts, pressure care collections and gaskets, valve accessories, chains and packaging, dowels and grooves and slow moving bearings
Regular Grade. NS-160 - Kema  

Regular Grade. NS-160 - Kema

Kema Never Seez NS-160 Regular Grade
Unique paste, which would apply across the industry and is designed to withstand seizing-up at high pressure and to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and grating. Composed of fine metal and graphite particle in special grease.
Regular Grade protects particularly against high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments.
Bolts, nuts and screws, jib and round-bolts, pump fittings and shafts, press-fit connection and sealing discs, valve accessories, chains and seals, dowel and grooves and slow-moving bearings
Stainless. Rocol  

Stainless. Rocol

Rocol Anti-Seize Compound 251
High temperature nickel free anti-seize paste with a high level of purity.
Recommended for use on threaded connections, that are exposed to extremely high temperatures for long periods. Suitable for stainless steel and nimonic.
Temperature range: -40 ° to 1000 ° C.